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Tally Audit Trail with Voucher Alteration History

6,000.00 + GST

Audit Trail in Tally or Voucher Alteration History is a must-have module for all multi-user Tally environments. This module gives the entire trail of a voucher starting from its creation, by whom and all the name of all users who altered it. That is not all. It also provides details on the date and reason the user mentioned while doing the alteration (Mentioning a reason at the time of alteration is compulsory).

Audit Trail in Tally Salient Features
  • It works silently and transparently in the background; but only till the user attempts to modify an already existing voucher! The moment he tries to save a voucher after modifying it, Tally will ask him for the reason. He will not be able to save the voucher without specifying a reason.
  • The audit trail module for Tally module provides a detailed and comprehensive report which shows the date and time of voucher creation and all subsequent alterations. If you properly study the report, you can find out how the number of alterations done in a particular voucher and by whom. This, along with dates and times for all changes along with reasons mentioned for all changes.
  • The report is filterable on a date range or/and for a particular voucher type.
  • Audit Trail in Tally module also tracks all remote users who created/altered vouchers using tally’s remote login.
  • The audit trail module tracks all vouchers types such as sales invoice, purchase invoice, sales order, purchase order etc.
Suggested Module Pairing

We recommend pairing the audit trail module with voucher authorization module to make it a comprehensive solution. In this way, a senior person checks and verifies every entry done by the data entry operator. By combining both modules, audit trail in Tally module displays who has originally entered the voucher along with who had approved it. In case of an alteration in any approved voucher, it again goes for approval. The reasons for alteration which are mandatory are also captured.


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